Global Forum on Financial Inclusion for Development 2014

programmeOn 5 November 2014 the UPU held a “Global Forum on Financial Inclusion for Development” at the International Bureau in Berne, Switzerland.

The programme is available here and the presentations are available below:

Session 1: Role and potential of mobile technologies in the development of financial services and financial inclusion within Posts and at the UPU International Bureau

Presentation: Alexandre Berthaud, UPU

Session 2: Postal innovation in the mobile financial services sector – models and best practices

Moderator: Nadine Chehade, CGAP

Presentation 1: Salvator Nizigiyimana, Burundi Post

Presentation 2: Nabil Elmadan, Tunisian Post

Presentation 3: M’hamed El Moussaoui, Al Barid Bank

Presentation 4: Moehartini Moeharjadi, Indonesia Post

Session 3: What technological solutions exist for Posts?

Moderator: Hemant Baijal, MasterCard

Presentation 1: Patrick G. Ngabonziza, MobiCash Holdings

Presentation 2: Emmanuel Ruiz, Copsonic

Presentation 3: Abdellatif Benider, Saphir Systems

Presentation 4: Patrik Centellini, Ericsson

Presentation 5: David Avsec, UPU

Session 4: How can a network of agents be developed to offer mobile financial services that are closer to populations?

Moderator: Nils Clotteau, UPU

Presentation: Deos Khamisi Mndeme, Tanzania Posts Corporation

Session 5: Regulation: how much room for manoeuvre do Posts have when it comes to mobile financial services?

Moderator: Marco Nicoli, World Bank

Presentation 1: Abdul Wadood, Bank of Bangladesh

Presentation 2: Ulrich Hess, Access to Insurance Initiative

Presentation 3: Vijay Mauree, International Telecommunication Union

Presentation 4: Clifford Nkomo, CRASA


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