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Postal Banks: Wanted by Poor, He Felt … 100 Years Ago

The New York Times (NYT) online archives recently led us to one of these extraordinary re-discoveries of history. “Wanted by Poor, He Felt”: this was the sub-title of NYT’s article on the approval of the postal bank bill by U.S. Senate in June 1910. At that time, President Taft (Republican) “felt that it is to these […]

Research on Brazil: Solving the Last Banco Postal’s Puzzle

Our econometric estimation of the Brazilian Banco Postal (BP) impact on local economic development did not identify a significant statistical impact of BP on the gross domestic product (GDP) of the communities under analysis while our model finds clear impacts on the creation of new firms and employment. Why? A plausible explanation is that financial […]

Reserve Bank of India’s Governor: What Becomes Possible for Rural Women With Access to Finance

An extract from TendersInfo: ” … the governor had more success stories to offer. Aruna, a farm labourer, managed to get a loan to set up her own, now-thriving, vegetable stand. This allowed her to shift away from the back-breaking work of tending other people’s fields, Subbarao told bankers in Kolkata on Wednesday. “Her former […]

Research on Banco Postal (Brazil)

Starting in 2002, the Brazilian designated postal operator designed and implemented an innovative approach to financial inclusion which enabled most of Brazil 5.561 communes to be covered by a “Banco Postal” agency, therefore giving access to basic financial services to most of the Brazilian population. The UPU led in 2008 an impact study on that […]