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CGAP: Banco Postal a high profile pioneer in branchess banking

According to CGAP’s technology blog, Banco Postal is a high profile pioneer in branchless banking. Read more here. More particularly, CGAP highlights: “And branchless banking is scaling faster than microfinance institutions (MFIs). The branchless banking services needed 3 years to surpass the outreach of the largest MFI in the same market, which on average operated […]

Financial Inclusion and Postal Banking: New Research Paper

Out of 1.5 billion users of postal financial services in the world, only 400 millions are holders of a postal (bank) account, 300 millions of which located in developing or emerging countries. As of today, more than 2 billion adults remain un-banked, mostly in developing and emerging countries, although under-banked citizens are also a concern […]

Autazes and agent banking in Brazil: CGAP’s insights

CGAP is opening an interesting new series of posts on their technology blog related to agent banking in Brazil (as you know, one of the most important agents is the postal network – Correios). We forward you below their invitation to comment and contribute to their blog. CGAP’s invitation: Two colleagues and I (Sarah Rotman) recently spent […]

Branchless banking scenarios 2020: CGAP invites us to debate

On 1 December 2009, CGAP invited us to debate the 2020 branchless banking scenarios in their technology blog. We submitted the following question, maybe you also have your opinion. So post here or there! One of the most important issues in branchless banking is to align the interests of the poor, the agent and the bank […]