Global Panorama on Postal Financial Inclusion 2016

This paper is the UPU’s flagship study on the contribution of postal networks to financial inclusion. It can be downloaded here.

Click here for a blog article summarizing this paper.





Access to insurance: the role of postal networks

In 2016, the UPU and the ILO published a paper on the role of postal networks in facilitating access to insurance.

The paper can be downloaded here.

Click here for a blog article summarizing this paper.



Gender and financial inclusion through the Post

UNWomenIn 2015, the UPU and UN Women published a paper on female financial inclusion through the post.

The paper can be downloaded here.

Click here for a blog article on female financial inclusion.




Global Panorama on Postal Financial Inclusion

Global Panorama, imageIn 2012, the UPU published the “Global Panorama on Postal Financial Inclusion: Business Models and Key Issues”. For the purpose of the report, the UPU collected data from designated postal operators in its member countries. The answers provided by 123 member countries form the basis of the report. They shed light on how the Post is already contributing to financial inclusion and reveal possible gaps.

The report is available in English, French, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

The UPU is currently working on an updated version of the Global Panorama, which will be published next year.

Financial inclusion and the Role of the Post Office

World Bank, imageGiven their widespread presence in rural and poor areas, post offices can play a leading role in advancing financial inclusion.

A Policy Research Working Paper by the World Bank (Anson, Berthaud, Klapper and Singer, 2013) documents and analyzes account ownership patterns at post offices in comparison with traditional financial institutions, using the Global Financial Inclusion Indicators (Global Findex) database, which collects data on account ownership at post offices in 60 countries where postal accounts are offered. The paper can be downloaded  here. Shorter versions of the paper can be accessed  here (English version) and here (French version).

Case studies

In partnership with its member countries, the UPU has prepared various case studies which present best practices, show the pitfalls to avoid, and identify the key success factors to foster financial inclusion through postal networks. These case studies are available below:

Bangladesh – An unexpected source of branchless banking innovation?

Italy – Key success factors for the modernization of postal financial services (mobile banking)

Kenya – The Post and the cash merchant model in an advanced mobile money environment

Morocco – Key success factors for the creation of a postal bank

Namibia – A post office leading the way for financial inclusion in Africa

Papua New Guinea – The limits of the mobile payments model

Togo – Postal financial inclusion through mobile agencies

Tunisia – The Post and financial inclusion through mobile telephony

More research is available below:

Between financial inclusion and postal banking, imageJosé Ansón and Joëlle Toledano wrote a paper for the 18th Conference on Postal and Delivery Economics, which took place from June 2-5 2010 in Porvoo, Finland. The paper provides new insights into the economic models of postal finance and identifies recent trends in the postal sector: Between Financial Inclusion and Postal Banking: Is the Survival of Posts Also There?

Research on Banco Postal (Brazil) can be found here.


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