News 2014

Ricoh gets contract to modernize India Post

25 November 2014 (Livemint)

The Indian government has awarded a contract worth Rs1,370 crore to Ricoh India Ltd, a part of the Tokyo-headquartered Ricoh Group, and Telecommunications Consultants India Ltd (TCIL) to modernize 129,000 post offices through automation, Ricoh said on Tuesday.

The project, initiated by the ministry of communications and information technology, aims to improve the quality of service at post offices, provide more value-added services and achieve financial inclusion of un-banked rural population.

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Kenya Post expands banking services

18 November 2014 (Post and Parcel)

The Postal Corporation of Kenya has announced that it will be expanding its banking services to 470 post offices around the country.

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Banking at Post Office Could Deliver Renewed Source of Revenue, Convenience

10 July 2014 (Bloomberg BNA)

The U.S. Postal Service may be uniquely positioned to meet the financial services needs of the estimated 68 million American adults without bank accounts, who resort instead to payday lenders and check cashing exchanges that frequently charge exorbitant fees, according to policy makers.

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Brazil Post unveils rebrand “born under the sign of modernity”

7 May 2014 (Post and Parcel)

Brazil Post president Wagner Pinheiro de Oliviera said the new brand was “born under the sign of modernity”, referring to the modernisation of the company that has been ongoing since 2011, as the Post aims to expand its provision of services for society, including the expansion of mobile phone services, financial services and digital mail services.

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Airtel Money available at Ghana Post Offices nationwide

15 April 2014 (Mobile World Mag)

Airtel Money has expanded its footprint to include Ghana Post (GP) outlets nationwide where customers can access Airtel Money services such as receiving and transferring of funds, airtime top up and payment of bills promptly and securely. The expansion is aimed at ensuring availability of e-value and cash in order to promote customer satisfaction.

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Would the U.S. Postal Service Make a Better Banker for the Poor?

3 February 2014 (Bloomberg)

Banks have been consistently uninterested in providing financial services to poorer Americans, but others are increasingly jumping at the chance to do so. The latest is the United States Postal Service, whose inspector general published a paper last week detailing how serving the so-called unbanked with savings accounts and small-scale loans could provide a valuable public service while shoring up the finances of the vulnerable agency.

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India Post to install 3000 ATMs,1.35 lakh micro-ATMs by September 15

26 January 2014 (The Economic Times)

“We will be starting with three ATMs to be installed in New Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore on February 5 and then ramp it up gradually,” postal department secretary Padmini Gopinath told a select group of reporters here over the weekend. She said 1,000 ATMs with the India Post branding will be put in within the first year, which will be ramped up massively to 3,000 in the next 18 months.

Read the full article here.


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