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Post Financial Times: a new issue of the newsletter

26 November 2010 (PostFI)

The November issue of the Post Financial Times is available and contains many new developments in the area of postal finance.
Available for downloading here: newsletterPFTnov2010

New newsletter on postal financial inclusion
23 November 2010 (PostFI)

We welcome a new newsletter on postal financial inclusion – The Post Financial Times –
produced by PostFinance International Development and highlighting recent developments in the area of postal financial services.
Download the autumn edition here !

Austrian Post and BAWAG P.S.K launch banking strategy

14 October 2010 (Post & Parcel)

Austrian Post and BAWAG P.S.K. have launched a collective strategy to create a sustainable network of postal and banking branches throughout Austria.
Byron Haynes, CEO of BAWAG P.S.K., and Georg Pölzl, CEO of Austrian Post, will introduce an “unparalleled” range of postal and banking services at over 500 locations. Roll-out of this network will occur throughout the country by the end of 2012, with the first new branch offices opening later this year. It is hoped the move will broaden the population’s access to banking and postal services throughout Austria.
Access the full article here.

400 postal branches of Azerpoct licensed by Central Bank of Azerbaijan

17 September 2010 (

400 postal branches of Azerpocht received permission of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan to render financial services. Permits are issued by the CBA to postal offices, meeting the Bank’s requirements, in particular postal offices that have a warehouse to store cash equipped with security system armored cash-in-transit vehicles and having high-security conditions for exchange points, including appropriate information systems and technical base.
Access the full article here.

Banking license for India Post?

4 August 2010, by Dheeraj Tiwari (Economic Times)

Both the government and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) have indicated that financial inclusion will be major criteria for giving new banking licences. “The final decision on granting a new licence will be taken by RBI. It will be a consultative decision as India Post is a government arm,” the official said.
A government committee on financial inclusion had also recommended that “India Post, with its ubiquitous reach should actively position itself to offer a low-cost, light-weight bank account to anyone enrolling for a Unique Identity Number.”
Access the full article here.

Swaziland: post offices to be used as banks

1 August 2010, by Mduduzi Magagula (Times of Swaziland)

Elijah Zwane, the new MD, says a study will soon be commissioned to investigate the viability of this idea. He said the bank, which would be known as the Post Bank would be very critical in bringing financial services closer to the people.
Read the rest of the story here.

Savings and Postal Banks: Rediscovering Them
7 June 2010, by Daniel Rozas (Microfinance focus)

Savings is a hot topic in the microfinance policy circles these days. The CGAP blog regularly features one or another posting on savings programs. The influential blogger David Roodman recently
Read this absolutely unique paper here.

India: See You at the Post Office

12 May 2010, by Subir Roy (Business Standard)

India’s postal system is a huge asset which is currently under-utilised, under-skilled and under-developed. The 1.5 lakh post offices in a country of 6.4 lakh villages (that’s where the post office really matters) represent a reach unmatched by any other organisation. If it is developed and used well, it can give a leg-up to those parts of the country and their denizens who have benefited the least from the high growth of the post-reform period.
Till not so long ago, post offices were relics of the past where the urban middle class would not venture unless absolutely necessary. The burgeoning private courier companies appeared to be driving the last nail in the coffin of the slowly declining giant. But then, just as hope always triumphs in India, the post office began to change. It gave itself a new logo, prominent urban post offices began giving themselves a new look and you could spot PCs across counters.
Read the rest of this fascinating paper here.

BotswanaPost gears for Postbank transformation

22 March 2010, by Prof Malema and Kabo Mokgoabon (Sunday Standard)

When the revamped Botswana Postal Act finally comes out of parliament, probably after the July sitting, BotswanaPost will be a totally different organisation. Apart from providing the conventional post office services, it will provide banking services for under-banked and unbanked segments of the society.
This week Pele Moleta, Director General of the parastatal, told Sunday Standard that the merger of Botswana Savings Bank (BSB) and BotswanaPost is expected to be concluded in 12 months.
 “The majority of the citizens are in the areas that are either under banked or unbanked,” explained Moleta. “BotswanaPost is in a better position of financial inclusion,” he said, looking at the larger footprint of the organisation, which is bigger than all the commercial bank branches.
Although the move will be seen by critics as allowing a government funded entity to enter the private sector terrain, Moleta explained the move will complement the banking industry.
Read the rest of the article

Pakistan: Post Savings Bank offers largest network of saving services

11 March 2010

Islamabad—Pakistan Post Savings Bank offers the largest network of savings bank services in the country and serving on behalf of Ministry of Finance and playing a vital role encouraging and mobilizing savings among the general populace since long. This was stated by Federal Minister for Postal Service Israr Ullah Zehri while talking to APP here today. He said that Post is popular both in urban and rural areas, but its operations in rural Pakistan are wide spread and deep rooted.
 “In fact in most of the remote areas, it is the only banking service available, through its extensive network of post offices, Pak Post Saving Bank offers a number of very attractive saving bank schemes,” he added.
He said that keeping pace with the changing communications market, Pakistan Post (PP) is emphasizing in the use of new communication and information technologies to move beyond what is traditionally regarded as a its core postal business.
Read the rest of the article in the Pakistan Observer

Australian Banking Goes Postal?
29 January 2010, By Bernard Keane

Ever since Ahmed Fahour was appointed Graeme John’s replacement at Australia Post — he starts on Monday — there’s been speculation about whether he would pursue an expansion of Oz Post into banking. So far Fahour has declined to give a detailed response to the speculation beyond suggesting he has higher priorities than setting up a bank — like continuing the company’s long effort to raise the price of stamps.
Read the rest of the article


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