Conference on Postal Financial Inclusion 2011

workshopOn October 31st and November 1st, 2011, a two-day conference on postal financial inclusion, chaired by Joëlle Toledano, was held at the Universal Postal Union’s headquarters in Bern (Switzerland) with the support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The objective of the conference was to analyze the business case for postal partnerships in financial inclusion and to present some of the existing best practices with posts, governments, donors, international organizations, central banks and potential partners (banks, mobile network operators, among others). The discussions held will contribute to ensuring that postal networks are taken into account in the strategy of all these actors and to communicate on the essential role Posts can play in financial inclusion.

Presentations are made available below.

October 31st, 2011

Working Breakfast

The Business Case for Posts in Financial Inclusion: Opportunities and Challenges

Mr. Alexandre Berthaud, Financial Inclusion Expert, UPU

Mr. Nils Clotteau, Partnership and Resource Mobilization Expert, UPU

Session 1: New and Evolving Success Stories in Postal Financial Inclusion

Following up on the success of the 2009 UPU-AFI conference, this session provided an update on the best practices and economic models and presented a number of newly identified success stories.

A. Updates from the 2009 UPU-AFI workshop on financial inclusion and postal banking

South Africa –Postal Financial Inclusion

Ms. Vuyo Mahlati, Chairperson of the Board, South Africa Post Office

India -Postal Financial Services: An update from India Post

PTS Kumar, Deputy Director General, International Relations, India Post

Brazil -Brazilian Correspondent Bank Model

Ms. Flavia Almeida, Head of Financial Services (Banco Postal), Correios Brasil

China –Developments and strategies of the Postal Savings Bank of China

Mr. Ying Chen, Manager, Postal Savings Bank of China

B. Developments in Postal Financial Inclusion

Bangladesh – A success story

Mr. Bhadra, Acting CEO, Bangladesh Post Office


Postal Cash Card:

Namibia -NamPost Savings Bank’s SmartCard
Mr. Reyneke, Director Postal Financial Services, Namibia Post

Kenya-Government Payments Using the Post as a Cash Merchant
Mr. Stephen Muriuki, General Manager Mail and Courier, Postal Corporation of Kenya

Session 2: Regulating Postal Financial Services: who should do it and how?

In this session the panelists discussed their understanding of postal financial services regulation and analyzed the difference between two types of legal and regulatory frameworks: one based on postal law, where the regulator is the Ministry of Communications; and a second one, where postal financial services act as a bank and regulation and supervisory powers are held by Central Bank.


Gabon-Regulation of  Postal Financial Services

Mr. Alfred Mabika, CEO and Chairman of the Board, La Poste Gabon

Mr. Raphaël Tung, Deputy Secretary General, Banking Commission of Central Africa (COBAC)

Turkey-Regulation of the postal financial services in Turkey

Mr. Alpaslan Yalcin, Deputy Head of Postal Financial Department, Turkish Post

Azerbaijan-Issues for the regulation of postal  financial services implemented in the postal network of the Azerbaijan Post

Mr. Hamidov, Chief Advisor, Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies

Session 3: Brainstorming on Business models for Postal Financial Inclusion: postal savings bank vs. partnerships and postal-led partnerships vs. agent-model partnerships

This session analyzed the potential policy options for posts to foster financial inclusion . 


Yemen -Mobile payments and update on regulation

Mr. Abdulatif Abughanem, Director General of Posts & Postal Savings Corp., Yemen Post

Mr. Hani Beshr, Central Bank of Yemen

Ethiopia -Ethiopia Postal Service Enterprise: Organization Profile

Mr. Belesty Estubalew, Manager Marketing and Business Development, Ethiopia Post

November 1st, 2011

Session 4: Key Takeaways

Ms. Gisela Davico, Financial Inclusion Project, UPU

Session 5: Next Steps to Advance the Postal Financial Inclusion Agenda


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