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Post Offices: A Crucial Piece of Digital Finance Infrastructure?

This blog post has been prepared by colleagues of Mondato, a boutique management consulting firm specializing in strategic, commercial and operational support for the Digital Finance & Commerce (DFC) industry, and is republished with their permission. ****** Over the past year, Mondato Insight has noted the central role that logistics has to play in the […]

The post : A promising medium for the financial inclusion of women

Written by: Bsrat Measho, UPU intern On 25 September 2015 more than 150 world leaders adopted the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), replacing the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). They agreed to reach 17 goals by 2030, tackling issues related to poverty reduction. Goal 5 addresses gender inequality. One of its targets is to undertake […]

Postal Financial Inclusion, a Sustainable Growth Opportunity for Posts

How can Posts make their business strategy efficient and at the same time ethical? We are pleased to welcome a guest contribution by Christel Koehler, Chairwoman of Koïnè Conseil, Ethical and Social Strategy consulting company, on this subject. Ethical and social issues are increasingly integrated in corporate strategies as business opportunities. Recent marketing developments (specially following […]

Should the USPS re-launch a postal bank?

The United States Postal Service is currently facing a very tough financial situation. Losses are piling on and could reach $14.1 billion for fiscal year 2012. Drastic decisions must therefore be made to ensure the viability of the Post. Most of the focus is currently placed on slashing costs, by closing post offices, reducing the workforce (155,000 […]

Inclusive Postal Financial Service Seminar – Romania – May 2012

More than 100 million of the 370 million inhabitants in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia are un(der)banked. This includes many of the 60 million poor and a part of the 150 million economically vulnerable people. Ratios of unbanked people vary from an average 25% in Central Europe to more than 80% in Central […]

When Financial Inclusion becomes an argument for keeping posts alive

In a recent article, a Trade Union in Ireland stated: “People trust organisations like the post office and the credit union. However,  the post office alone has a single, coherent accessible infrastructure that can  deliver the banking solution that will help to achieve financial inclusion” Read more This article confirms that the two key factors […]

Should we Bank on Phones or the Post?

The financial inclusion community has been focusing on branchless banking over mobile without considering existing infrastructure like the Post. Today we highlight a brief from Microsave that asks whether we should be using phones or a physical network that already exists: the Post. At the end of the document, the author states: “Given a choice, those currently without […]