Postal Financial Inclusion, a Sustainable Growth Opportunity for Posts

How can Posts make their business strategy efficient and at the same time ethical? We are pleased to welcome a guest contribution by Christel Koehler, Chairwoman of Koïnè Conseil, Ethical and Social Strategy consulting company, on this subject.

Ethical and social issues are increasingly integrated in corporate strategies as business opportunities. Recent marketing developments (specially following K. C. Pralahad’s “Base of the Pyramid” theories) have shown that finding inclusive solutions for vulnerable customers are opportunities and that not taking into account these clients is not an option anymore. These solutions were often born in emerging countries but are fully relevant and economically performing in industrialised ones.

Postal operators and, above all, postal banks, are key actors in inclusive banking and can be leaders in these marketing policies. La Banque Postale of France (LBP), for instance, has developed a very ambitious and performing social marketing strategy towards its vulnerable customers. LBP has built strong partnerships with NGOs in order to develop customer empowerment and financial literacy programmes, has become in a few years a major micro-credit actor inFranceand offers an ethical and responsible finance product range to its customers. Ethics are then business opportunities and business can sustain an ethical strategy!

To learn more about this, read Christel Koehler’s full article here.


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