Our blog goes mobile, and posts?

Writing this from a mobile phone, of course!
The postal network is the most mobile physical and human network one can imagine: there is at least one postman for each of the 500,000 post offices in the developing world thus potentially doubling the number of contact points to deliver financial inclusion. Other banking agent networks – gas stations, grocery shops, pharmacies, lottery agents – cannot easily allow their employees to leave their shop or premise; posts must! And the postman is always back!
Now give a mobile phone to each postman, link them to an application that optimizes their route according to the demand, make available another that enables customers to ask for the visit of their postman by SMS, and you will have the billion excluded from finance but with a mobile phone physically reachable for face-to-face financial transactions going from basic personal finance advisory to savings collection and identity verification. Utopic?


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