Research on Banco Postal (Brazil)


Starting in 2002, the Brazilian designated postal operator designed and implemented an innovative approach to financial inclusion which enabled most of Brazil 5.561 communes to be covered by a “Banco Postal” agency, therefore giving access to basic financial services to most of the Brazilian population. The UPU led in 2008 an impact study on that experience which revealed that this strategy was a huge success in terms of financial inclusion and local economic development.

Research chapter on Banco Postal in English (March 2010 update), French and Spanish languages.

Also read: solving the last Banco Postal’s puzzle, which provides a new interpretation to a few intriguing research results.

This research was published in the book “Postal Economics in Developing Countries: Posts, Infrastructure of the 21st Century?” Edited by Joëlle Toledano and José Ansón (Universal Postal Union, 2009).



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